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One who has turned against their race and/or ethinticity in favor of those who would persecute them. ie a self loather and/or one who is ashamed of their heritage.
"Most white race traitors are rich liberals who were spawned by the yuppie/hippie generations."
by T.Ractorhead November 24, 2006
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someone who has betrayed her race by mixing sexually with a white person, Black person or an asian person.

they are all Race Traitors.
racial preservation is foreign to race traitors.
by Sherman February 09, 2005
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Some one who sells out his race for his personal advantage.
Abraham Lincoln was the greatest race traitor this country ever had. He decimated a generation of white American men.
by yorkie stomper April 23, 2008
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1. An African-American who is too vocal with views that are at odds with the Black supremacist movement, or that defy Marxist ideology.

2. A Black Republican.
Dat haus nigga Colon be a race traitor. Dat Condi beech be Bush's hoe, n'a race traitor too. Same wif Clarence Thomas, da mofo. (etc)
by DrCruel February 15, 2006
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A term used vulgarly in the spirit of bigotry to describe a person who dates or marries another regardless of their racial or cultural heritage.
Mean-spirited idiots call the African-American man engaged to the Caucasian woman a race traitor because they do not realise that she loves him for his innate qualities that make him a unique human being and not solely for the color of his skin.
by Myridean March 08, 2005
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a human being who chooses to betray his own race by mating with a being from another race, such as a rabbit or a dinosaur or a vacuum cleaner.

it's such a shame Tashonda is betraying the human race by doing it with that hummingbird. She should get back with together with Jaswinder and stop being a race traitor.

Jurgen is such a race traitor for having sex with that oil refinery. Toshiko was right to dump him when she did.
by Nicky Wire February 27, 2007
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Someone who betrays his/her race by siding with another race.

In other words, something that's impossible on Earth since humans are the only setinent race here, and all are 99% genetically identical to each other.

If a male animal and a female animal can under normal circumstances bear offspring, and that offspring is also capable of reproduction, then the male and female animal are same race. Simple biology here, folks.
Amy (a White girl) betrayed Rick (an Asian man) by dumping him for an alien invader from Neptune, while also providing the invaders with aid and support. Thus, she bacame a Race Traitor for betraying humanity.
by Shock Mama March 18, 2005
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