People who prefer a different ethnicity or cultural identity to their own.

Race traitor is often applied incorrectly to women who would date a black guy as well as white guy as long as they had the right personality.
Wiggers who take pride in renouncing their “whiteness” really are race traitors.
by Bobby Cusack January 15, 2007
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Anyone who isn't an ignorant racist.
That Nazi-wannabe called me a race traitor because I have a Jewish girlfriend.
by Truth hurts March 11, 2003
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A well adjusted, educated, sane person that knows there is only one "race"... human (Homo sapiens).
"I got sent up to prison because the judge was a race traitor, not because I smoked meth, killed a store clerk and crashed a stolen car."
by Riprap August 19, 2012
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Anyone who goes out/sleeps with someone of a differant skin colour...Mainly used by the White Power Movement.
OMFG that Girl is sleeping with a dirty Nigga you fucking race traitor!

Man# Chareleen why you sleeping wid that kike? you race traitor
Girl# you know why Curtis your dick is too small.
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Race traitor is a pejorative reference to a person who is perceived as supporting attitudes or positions thought to be against the interests or well-being of that person's own race. This term is a contradiction because we are all human belonging to the same species and race.
The term race traitor is totally dumb because we're all of the same race called the human race.
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by Yobberson June 25, 2017
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