The name of someone who is kind and caring to his family he is also super fun and likes kids
Rod is a great guy to be around
by Cookielover88 December 19, 2017
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Short for nimrod or ramrod; but it's just a rod...
Last night I thought my friend was a tool - but I realized he was the entire toolshed, no, not the toolshed, he was the biggest ROD in the toolshed.
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"The dude said I had to lay a rod on him for the info."
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
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Term of derision applied to any offensive male who hoves into view. Comes in handy at the pub when any male who mistakenly thinks he's 'cool' is spotted. They don't realise that the term is an insult, and thus you escape unpunched.
That mullet's such a rod
by The Rod April 25, 2003
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Roll Over Desk - a spin off of Rob (Roll Over Belt) but this time is when a chick or guy sits at a desk and their stomach rolls over there desk
Damn Alexsandra, your r.o.d is sitting on your desk
by Rob G'z August 28, 2008
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hey......thats my name...........awesome! Does rod have what it takes to make the Duke of Hazard jump? I think not!
last night so lady..who i believe is my mother called my rod...therfore it must be my name
by Dr. Fatz January 28, 2004
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