Sanam is a really intelligent yet positive girl who enjoys the company of her family and friends. Sanam is the type of person to push themselves to be even better. She also encourages me to work to the best of my ability. Sanam is my R.O.D she has been there for me since day 1. She's one of those people who starts off with being shy but the longer you know her the louder she gets.
Sanam is amazing.
by unknown :): August 8, 2019
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Sanams are really really smart and intelligent . They are very trust worthy. Being friends with a sanam can make you very lucky.They are really good at basketball and making little raps. Sanams can get a lot of guys but often reject them. They are very outgoing and love to party.They are also the best dancers. They can make you smile really easily and they are always and will always be there for you. Horoscopes are something that Sanams really like. You would be very lucky if you had a sanam for a sister,cousin,mom,etc. Sanams might be one of the nicest people ever but don’t get them mad at you because you will regret it.Sanams are amazing overall.
Dude...Sanam is so smart.
by Joe2146 November 4, 2019
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Sanam is the rare name given to a indian girl .
Basically it means a girl whose personality is different from others.
The most gorgeous person in the world and the sweetest kindest person in the world. Puts others before them and always cares for others.
she is perfect in every way possible, she is so talented and beautiful but she doesnt know it and that just makes her much more attractive, she is dedicated and passionate and knows when she has to prove herself, she has the most beautiful eyes ever and a radiant personality even though she may seem annoying at times it is only because she is misunderstood, she is energetic and kind and deserves the world and so much more
They love dancing and singing and always have a good time. Sanam are one of a kind and cannot be replaced. This is a girl of pure love and kindness. She always puts others first and sees past how they act to how they feel. She believes in love no matter what. She also is an amazing friend who always cheers up other people.
Person 1 : Sanam is really my best friend! She is just perfect
Person 2 : sanam is very gorgeous and different girl .
by Mayso December 1, 2021
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My name is Sarah, I wish it was Sanam though. That would be such an exotic name to have.

John is such a shit name
by John12345677890 June 7, 2011
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Im Hindi n Urdu it means “love” or “beloved one”. In Arabic, it means “idol” that people worship. Context speaking wise, using “Sanam” word in Hindi or Urdu has a good meaning for the beloved one. On the other hand, calling someone “Sanam” su-nam it has a bad meaning as if the person is dumb or useless (like a wall). Another similar word in Arabis is “Sanaam” Sa-nām which means the camel’s hump.
Hindi: Sanam, jaanu, main tumsi pyar karta hu
Arabic: you are such a sanam in this room!! Your presence n absence is similar!!
by RasSunshine August 22, 2023
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She's a lovely and very caring girl. She's very pretty and very charmingly cute. You'd look at her again and again once you see her. She has a good sense of fashion and is always considerate. She might become rude sometimes but give her time and love she'll be back cheerful.

She's strong and paces through all the problems life has thrown at her. She doesn't let her tears flow infront of other people but sometime she should just let go and do it. She's almost like a hero.

And mehendi on her hands looks killing. She also has a sweet voice. And is foodie. Feed her and you'll end up in her good books. You can't just help but look at her with love in your eyes
Oh! How pretty she is, must be Sanam.
by Ummmhmmmyeah November 23, 2021
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Sanam is the type of girl who is smart and has the beauty of the Greek goddesses Her intelligence shoots through the sky, She is kind hearted but has the personality of a fighter she’s feisty her smile lights up the stars in the night sky and from her smile she has men chasing her everywhere she is unique one of a kind and the man who has her is a lucky man
by My beauty is immaculate July 11, 2020
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