"hey do you have the homewoooooooooork" *shudders in orgasmic way* "sorry I have R.O.D."
by cindyfriggenlouwho March 07, 2009
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Read or Die; a fresh anime about a girl who can use magic paper as a weapon, a woman who can move through solid objects, and a secret British military force trying to stop a bunch of cloned historical figures from destroying the Earth.
R.O.D. is good sauce.

Paper always beats scissors.
by Bumpass June 01, 2007
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Retarded Overreaction Dissorder (ROD) is a mental disorder characterized by people over reactiving over simple problems that could be fixed with a four letter word.

OCD is the most common mental disorder and is diagnosed nearly as often as being blonde, a women, and alcoholism.
Guy 1: "That guy just looked at me, he's going to get it now, I am going to break his face!"
Guy 2: "You have ROD"
Guy 1: "fuck"
Guy 2: "there yeah go"
by Doctor Crusty Pimple, MD March 28, 2010
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What ye searching for ye brit bastard, I ain't carrying no rod!
by Steve CHUTER November 03, 2006
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A stronger degree of calling someone a tool(a.k.a. an asshole). Meant to emphasize more of an asshole nature
I always knew Joe D. was a total rod
by Bob Papadopolous May 01, 2005
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(Roll Over Desk) when a person is sitting at a desk and their stomach rolls over the desk. a spin off of ROB (Roll Over Belt
Dam Alexsandra, your ROD is almost touching the keyboard
by Rob G'z September 03, 2008
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