rod meaning a car
used in edmonton n18
manz got a new rod with blacked out tintz
by nueve November 29, 2004
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Rod is a great guy who is really hard to get to know. He makes a lot of dirty jokes and is sometimes extremely vulgar but once you get to know the real him, you will never want to let him go. He is sort of a fuckboy but is extremely attractive. Once you have him in your sites, he will haunt your dreams for a week. His body is mesmerizing and is possibly the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. He is the most wonderful looking man you will ever lay your eyes on. Damn.
"Damn. Did you see the new guy rose? He is SOOO hot!"
"Yeah, but I heard that he slept with Julie."

"Rod told the funniest dirty joke today!"
"Yeah, that guys the best."
by FUNNYBUN February 25, 2016
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A pipe used for smoking marijuana. Sometimes also referred to as a Hitter, One Hitter etc...
Yo man want to go smoke a rod?
by Willow September 19, 2005
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To mislead and/or falsify for the purpose of evading one's friends.
Man, I got totally Rod'd last night, my friend Bill said he was coming out but then totally ditched us!
by The Casual Male September 22, 2013
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a person with a large cock and hates gays. usually is high and loves to snort large amount of cocaine. and really hates gays. but loves mrs. v's snowjacket
Jon: Rod are you high again!?
Rod: .... Yea...
Jon: Cool. So you want to go meet my gay friend Eric?
Rod: NO! I hate gays!
Jon: Oh right.. Well want to go look at Ms. V's snow jacket?
Rod: YES!!

Girl: DAMN ROD! You got a HUGE rod!!
Rod: Yep! *thumbs up*
Girl: Well what to do now?
by Jonwillig March 15, 2008
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a big ass dick that can fuck girls just how they want there pussy to get fucked. hard and smooth. a penise bigger than size 6 for dicks.
that girl wanted my rod because she new it would fuck her right.
by whyusoblack July 01, 2011
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For those who murdered me shall stand before god, to fall at the hands of fate and out comes the rod.
by ManicHispanic December 09, 2004
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