Slapping your hand against your keyboard in an expression of derpy fear.
"Bro, I can't watch Slenderman. It makes me so qwerty. If ya know what I mean!"

"Geez, bro. That movie just.... qwerty....qwerty."
by Sunstreaker November 18, 2012
the name of the order of the letters on a keyboard
on laptops and typewriters,keyboards examples of qwerty
by thegradeofthe5 May 10, 2019
A keyboard originally created to slow down typists in the old days of typewriters becuase they broke the typewriters by typing too fast. Now there isn's a problem of breaking a keyboard but it is still used and is the same design that was used to slow down those typists decades ago. Why it is still in use is a mystery.
Those typists are breaking all the typewriters by typing too fast, what should we do?
Invent a qwerty key layout to slow them down
by mr x February 11, 2004
QWERTY is a secret code word used by pedofiles and porn junkies. It is added to the end of file names as a method to return more porn results when using file sharing programs such as WINMX. Also used to disguise illegal child porn files.
If you can't find the porno your looking for, just try searching for "QWERTY."

Save the file as Big Booty Girl Qwerty.pic. It will get more hits that way.
by No Limit Soldier June 6, 2006
The most common password used in a password crackers password list.

Also the most common password used in a password crackers password list.
SN - joejoe69
PW - qwerty

This is just an example
To be really busy at a computer, usually in a frantic manner, as in trying to hit a looming deadline. May have a slightly biased reference to programming or writing, but can relate to any work done on the computer. Refers to the first sex letters on a standard English keyboard.
Nevin: You see Vanessa?
Julius: Yeah...but don't bother her. The magazine goes to the printer in less than an hour and she's all qwerty.
by citiz3n August 20, 2007
Type of keyboard layout. home row is asdf jkl;
by scott sasaki July 27, 2002