mutual respect and love between quidditch players. for the game and each other.
Quidditch player: "The quidditch community is so great, quidditch players have ALL the quove."
Random person: "Quidditch, seriously? And what the fuck is 'quove'?"
Quidditch player: "Muggle quidditch! The quidkids are all bffs! ...It's a quidkid thing. You wouldn't understand."
by Starburst2695 December 3, 2013
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To wuickly fabricate a necessity out of available items.
Examples: "quove me something to smoke out of" ; "the stoners had no pipe but were soon high because one quove a device"; "my science project is due tomorrow. I'd better quove one"
by Blowthedynamite November 28, 2017
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A psychiatric term referring to DSM-IV term histrionic.
Jane was a quov. He therefore was excluded from parites.
by Knowledge increaser August 12, 2006
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