1.) expressive of puzzlement, curiosity, or disbelief used by a certain camp director to a member of the surly six after one of the greater pranks in camp history.
Don't give that quizzical eye, Finder. Frankly, I've had enough of your shit.
by SCOTT GOLDFARB September 6, 2004
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if a quiz is a quizzical then whats a test?
by Stephen4190 July 19, 2005
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he stared at him quizzically
by bodieboyrex January 11, 2018
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a word kaitlyn made up meaning the curiosity and weariness of a person or situation
Excuse my quizzicality, but that's highly improbable.
by kate December 28, 2005
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A type of farting during which the expression on your face shows confusion and/or inquisitiveness. On occasion the intonation of the fart reflects this uncertainty by making an abrupt change of pitch, as if you were asking a question. This can also be used as an adverb.
Chuck farts quizzically when he is lost and doesn't know which direction to go. Jen pulled out the map and said "I can tell you're lost by your quizzical farting, the food store is this way!"
by mole120 February 5, 2012
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If a short test of knowledge, typically around 10 questions in length, with question formats often including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false and short answer are quizzical what are a series of questions or problems that is used to determine a person's ability or understanding of something. More generally, test refers to a trial, experiment, or examination that is designed to determine the qualities or characteristics of someone or something, aka a test. The answer to this very quizzical quizzy question is simple: A cullion, aka, testical. This means, is shortest terms, a dick, which is the part of a man in which produce comes out.
Guy 1: Hey, you!
Girl 1: What..?
Guy 1: if quizzes are quizzical what are tests?
Girl 1: Testical.
Guy 1: **Insert THE grin**
Girl 1: ???
Guy 1: A testical is ballz.
Girl 1: **GASPS**
by TheMushroomKing.Official April 2, 2022
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