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The ultimate bad ass. Won't take shit from no one. Can be a die-hard loyal friend and family member, you never want to cross Quintelle. Getting on the bad side of a Quintelle is like being caught in a hurricane - which you cannot escape. She has a sharp intellect, is brutally honest and will tell you what she thinks even if its not nice. Good sense of humor that relies on dry sarcasm and can give you a look that will make you cower. Very kind and big hearted for those in her tribe, Quintelle is a roller coster of a person to know, you will never be bored and never be without someone to rely on. If you cross a Quintelle you have to go to the ends of the Earth in order for her to *maybe* forgive you. If you betray a Quintelle and she lets you live, you will never be in her good graces again.
Person one: Quintelle ripped into me, she is so savage.

Person two: You shouldn't have dissed her sister, you're lucky she didn't beat your ass.
by t3cn0l0g1c August 26, 2017
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