The act of removing one's clothes as a professional stripper.
I got me a quilting job down at the "No Shirts, No Shoes, Full Service" strip club.
by wunderkinder August 19, 2011
Dialect: Scouse (liverpool uk) Derogatory term: Implication that an individual is homosexual although they are not yet aware of this fact.

Orig. quilt = closet case.

Often used between scouse males during their mating rituals to gain favour with female observers. The intention is to challenge their oponents sexual prowess often resulting in advancement toward physical conflict.
"Get on you... you're a pure quilt you are"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 12, 2006
adj. - held together tightly, or having priorities in order -
A person wearing fresh clothes, driving a dope whip, and who also has a bomb girl is said to be quilt.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
A cover that has three layers. It can be patchwork, or odds and ends, or have a design.
The quilt that is on the girls bed, is very warm.
by WSMSTyeDiePerson September 8, 2003
Term used occasionly as an insult to a complete idiot (Liverpool UK)
"E's an absolute quilt"
by Chenz April 13, 2005
The act of being in the shower, sexually, with an older man of a different race than your own.
The other night I was in the shower with my sexy latino lover, since he was 10 years older than me and I am very white, I was Quilting.
by rawkakeydoe February 25, 2006
Hunny, please shave you're quilt, it's tickling my nose.
by Darren Mussell November 7, 2003