The queen of /b/ is a meme from 4chan's notorious /b/ , or random, image board. The "queen" is often the heat of many arguments, she is harassed and hacked by all sorts of internet assholes and her image is corrupted beyond all belief. For instance the last queen, or she is still the queen depending on who you talk to, boxxy had her youtube account hacked and further shenanigans sprung from that. she also had stories of her death spread across the news and she now has her face shooped , or photo shopped, on over a thousand pictures of porn. The current dumbshits who praise the queen's image are called newfags, or just stupid fuck for short, who are the noobs of 4chan.
Newfag- bawsky thread go go googoo og og oogo


Newfag-y ay ya all hail the queen of /b/

oldfag-no fucking way creepychan is the queen

anon-boxxy porn tread now??

Newfag-hey did you guys hear that boxie died???

Newfag- whos boxxy??
by whitetip June 19, 2009
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stop being such a queen b
by sparky November 29, 2003
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They run shit! Baddest & the best! ride or die together group of girls! Love to fight & party hard! Up for anything, always act at the spur of the moment! never will let another queen down!
Pimpette , Queen B , Queen Bitch , QB
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A True Fashionista,One That Doesnt Follow Trends&Doesnt Care Wat People Think Of How She's Dressed..Open Minded.
"Look At That Girl With The Baggy Jeans&Cut Off Tank Top With Sneakers,AND She Has On Makeup,Is She Gay?"

"Naaah,U Close Minded Fool,She's Just A Queen B. (Fashionista)
by Queen B.Herself. October 12, 2008
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Lil' Kim herself; The Queen of all whores.
Man, Queen B can fit a sprite bottle in her mouth
by kokenjr January 8, 2005
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