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quarking is a ninja ballerina snowboard style term, borrowed from quantum physics. It is defined as πŸ‚ 1: riding with the shoulder outside the nose of the board while on toe edge.

2: You are riding against the fall line on top with the shoulder outside the nose of the snowboard, and attempting to ride a toe edge elipse, the other way.

3: Quark stylers, are also crouching low after the Apex instead of extending the skeleton, riding completely out if control, and 4: this is why Lindsey Vonn hates snowboarders and most skiers as well. 5: Y'all are hoodie-wearing mamaboy snowboarders, some bearded..... 6: Quarking is also the basic neurological expression of hesitation on mountain and off mountain. ie, if you correct the quarking habit with Ninja ballerina technique you will no longer quark off mountain (hesitate) in your personal life, we've seen.
7: And in snowboard lesson ride school quarking is called riding separated, it is incorrect, according to AASI, it's riding with the shoulder outside the hip while on toe edge. 8: 99% of all snowboarders do it including the Olympians in the park. They're all quarking down the pipe in some capacity. I am the ninja ballerina and I'm the best ever outside the park on a snowboard and currently. I have coined this term and while I'm riding if you hear me shouting at you "you are quarking", we are pointing this out for posture correction.
You're quarking
by ninjaballerina March 29, 2019
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The art of eating arse whilst urinating over yourself with excitment
She loved when we were quarking together
by Mjc1674 February 14, 2018
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