A rider of a 4 wheeled ATV (Quad) who behaves like an idiot.
A quadtard is a drunken, helmetless quad rider. Normally found riding way too close to vehicles and campsites, spinning tight circles making huge clouds of dust, usually while wearing a wife-beater tanktop and a backwards baseball hat. Often holding a beer while riding, and never more than a few feet from a large cooler full of cheap beer.
by r johnson December 12, 2007
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An operator of a four wheeled Off-Highway Vehicle.
These operators can be recognised by the following traits:

-Only ventures out to the local OHV or track once or twice a year?

-Forgets to bring fuel, water and food for your day of ‘riding’?

-Timeshares the ATC or quad?

-Screams at or chases the rider who won’t relinquish the ATC or quad when his/her time is complete?

-Shares a helmet?

-Argues over the ‘glove’?

-Attempts to ‘roost’ and then look back to see how much dust you’ve managed to kick up?

-Never operates out of eyesight of the campgrounds?

-Drives their mom’s Isuzu pickup with the ATC or quad loaded vertically on its rear tires and seat?

-Uses clothesline instead of tie-downs?

-Drinks alcohol while operating their vehicle.

-Leaves trash behind.

-Ruins trails.
Tom: Hey Fred, you see that picnic table over there?
Fred: Which picnic table?
Tom: The one with the helmet under it...
Fred: Yeah, what about it?
Tom: Some quadtard must have rode off without their helmet again...dumbass quadtards..

by mreverting September 11, 2007
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99% of people riding four wheelers are quadtards. They usually do not wear helmets and have a cigarette dangling from their lips as they try to look cool by doing donuts in the pits. They are known to go the wrong direction on the track and are often intoxicated. Most people with truck nuts (those fake scrotums that hang from the trail hitch) also have four wheelers. Quadtards are also know to do wheelies on the street and run extremely loud and obnoxious exhaust systems.
Did you see that quadtard at the track on sunday? He was doing donuts in the pits and slammed on the brakes on the face of a jump and Dave nearly slammed into the back of him
by jdeaton October 15, 2007
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