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When a person laid a loud fart sounding like a duck
I heard someone laid the biggest quacker
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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a white person who has no idea whats going on around him. associated with Cracker but not the same meaning. Plural Quackers
Let's go mug the f*ckin' Quacker over there
by Ninja Bunny December 06, 2008
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A fantasy prone mid teen to late 40 year old guy that wears flip flops, big dog t-shirts, sports a ponytail, and is more than likely to be overweight.

The name is derived from the duck like sound emitted from the voice box of this particular form of life.

Almost every single Quacker is into the fantasy tabletop game Warhammer, and recently Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.
I wanna kill me some Elves! QUAAAAAACK!

Any sane man would respond, "I believe we have entered a pond my friend, because of all these damn quackers!"
by A Trat March 24, 2009
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a name given to ur down-to-earth friend who's super squeaky, but doesn't mean to be. A quackers is normally a little, cute friends who hate it when you point out their smallness. they're like little teddy bears. A quackers is super easy to make fun of but in the end, they're the most realistic. A quackers gives the greatest advice, but is the most stubborn person in the world. on the high down, everyone needs a quackers in their life
You see that guy over there, yeah he claims he's over that girl but he's really not.
damn, poor thing
Yeah he calls himself "reformed"
by kahnacademy123 May 07, 2018
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When one has to defecate but does not make it to the toilet in time and soils their pants.
Hey Eric remember that time you took a jump on your snowboard, with a a turtle-head, and shit yourself.- To pull a quacker.
by You wanted to fight me January 12, 2010
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