You have reached the GODLY Level of boredom and you go to your friends laptop and type qaz well done
by CJPlayz33 February 9, 2022
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The 1st three letters you learn during typing class that are the initials of

"Quick Ask Zoey"
Teacher: Now type in QAZ

Student: I know that! It's Quick Ask Zoey!
by VTran February 10, 2008
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A penis fart! Sort of like a queef.
" omg you just let out a qaz "

by k8e & j4c August 31, 2006
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when a guy is running, doing jumping jacks, going down stairs, etc. and his balls hit his inner thigh and it makes a loud sound similar to clicking your tongue. it is a word i made up when my friends and i were playing scrabble w/o rules. but now we use it everyday.
"Dude, today in soccer when we were running down the hill and i heard someone qaz so loud i thought they broke a leg!!
by Zybob January 25, 2008
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boredom at it's finest. when you are so bored that you have tried many of the possible keyboard combinations. this particular combination is top to bottom on the left side, bottom to top on the right side, alternating each side, starting from the far right.

gg making it here honestly.
why did i search qaz,lpwsxmkoedcnjirfvbhutgy? oh right. im hella bored.
by Velty September 5, 2019
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oh my god, DO YOUR FUCKING WORK AND STOP PROCRASTINATING. why would you even think of typing qazpl,wsxokmedcijnrfvuhbtgy backwards?
Hey Tod, I'm the god of boredom because I typed tyguhbrfvijnedcokmwsxpl,qaz into my school Chromebook.
by Villain__7 March 11, 2021
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The supreme definition of cool. A short guy that can perform very heroic feats such as suck his own penis. I have seen it before, i have it on videotape, i have masturbated to the video. He can also orgasm for hours. I have that also on video tape.
Hey look at that hot guy, doesnt he remind u of a Waz 2 da Qaz, come on lets take off our pants and masturbate to that guy
by Ryan August 22, 2003
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