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The 1st three letters you learn during typing class that are the initials of

"Quick Ask Zoey"
Teacher: Now type in QAZ

Student: I know that! It's Quick Ask Zoey!
by VTran February 10, 2008
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when a guy is running, doing jumping jacks, going down stairs, etc. and his balls hit his inner thigh and it makes a loud sound similar to clicking your tongue. it is a word i made up when my friends and i were playing scrabble w/o rules. but now we use it everyday.
"Dude, today in soccer when we were running down the hill and i heard someone qaz so loud i thought they broke a leg!!
by Zybob January 24, 2008
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The first name of a person I made up named Qaz Covins
Have you ever been in a qaz covins tunnel before?
by SuperGuy On Channel 109 April 05, 2016
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