In spanish in some contexts is like "fucking".
Mueve tu puto culo.
Move your fucking ass.
by Reny December 10, 2004
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Some word that gringos use to say sometin in spanish, cause thats all they know.Real meaning: male bitch(puta, feamle)
by outlast October 2, 2003
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A Filipino rice cake eaten as a dessert.
Pass me some of that puto, puto!
by Count Zurich July 11, 2008
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bitch (in spanish puto is considered the masculine form of puta “prostitute”); also used to offend a man (aquel puto!: that son of a bitch!);
Andrea: Hey so are you still going out with Juan

Michelle:No that fucking puto left me for another bitch!
by Vic G. March 2, 2008
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Chocola: Chokola
That guy’s been saying chula and trying to get to half of the female population, isn’t he such a puto?
by Dmoreuknowdmoreuknow January 12, 2020
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it also means Kid in portugal's portuguese, which is not spanish because Portugal is an independent country just like the USA
a- i can't with this puto
b- why would you say that to a 9 year old?
c- where i'm from puto means kid!
by diogocentrico June 7, 2021
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puto doesnt mean male prostitute, is more like the mexican "pussy"

Also works like "marica" meaning the same, but less offensive.
(spanish) ese vato es puto
(english) that guy is a pussy
by ciotibo July 28, 2010
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