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A minangkabau tribe languange name for princess or a noble woman.

Usually she is elegant and smart.
She got the first rank again in last semester
Yeah, she is puti though
by Sayonaraforever September 29, 2018
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(dirty) nepali slang for female genital organ
keti ko puti dekhera keta ko lado thankiyo.
by unknown nepali November 29, 2007
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mero lado tero puti (my penis your vagina)
by maila and maili February 18, 2005
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Purely beautiful
When something is just so cute and pure and beautiful that "beautiful" just isn't enough.
"What a putiful baby you've got"

"that puppy is so darn putiful"
by SazzQueen March 26, 2021
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A woman who sleeps with men easily
She slept with all three guys she's a puti ...street slang
by Stephen colon September 2, 2018
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Something small and cute.

Some one who looks super cute or sexy.

(Non offensive, nor derogatory). A term used between close friends or family.
Qué cosa más puti”. Or “she or it is so freakin cute”.

“Where you goin looking extra Puti today.
by Main Mattos February 25, 2018
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