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Teri ama ko Puti
Meaning: Your mom's cunt
by Sharad Bhandari February 16, 2005
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Something small and cute.

Some one who looks super cute or sexy.

(Non offensive, nor derogatory). A term used between close friends or family.
Qué cosa más puti”. Or “she or it is so freakin cute”.

“Where you goin looking extra Puti today.
by Main Mattos February 25, 2018
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tagalog for white

also used by filipino american teens to describe snobby white kids who are too too spoiled n rich for their own good
"why do u go to that school anyway"
"eh, your tita sends me there, why?"
"maraming puti sa escuela mo" *theres lots of stuck up rich ass white kids there*

also see bakla
by NPA July 31, 2005
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Posting Under the Influence - to post messages on a talk board or bulletin board when drunk or under the influence of alchohol
Apologies for my multiple posts last night on the forum, it was a severe case of PUTI.

Sorry, my mistake. I claim PUTI.

PUTI is more fun!
by Wladimir August 11, 2006
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A small species of dog that smells quite terribly and is often known to have a drippy eye.
I got sick from Puti's damn drippy eye!
by Mr. Buddha March 23, 2008
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