A very submissive biological male. Soft and sometimes effeminate, a pussyboy is usually hairless (shaved or waxed), slender, and with no muscle mass. He is often, gentle, docile, and compliant around dominant masculine men. Sexually, he is a born bottom boy and seeks out strong, assertive men who can take control. He may also make a good houseboy.
Rudi is so cute: he's skinny and wears tight clothes. He's sensitive and pretty effeminate and is looking for an Alpha to take care of him and have his way with him sexually. He's a classic pussyboy.
by alias2899 December 17, 2016
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Submissive faggot that wants to get aggressively used and fucked up the ass by other men for their own pleasure without receiving any reciprocation in return.
Jack called his friend Tom and said, "Hey,I got my dick buried up this pussyboy that was starin' at my big dick when I took a leak in the park john. Thought you might want to come over and get you some too.
by pussyboy April 22, 2003
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I male who enjoys taking on a submissive role with another man. He typically plays the part of the woman whereby he receives the other man's penis.
Bro 1: Ooh, look at that little honey over there, I'd like to flip up her skirt and do work!!!

Bro 2: Hmm, that sounds good to me too, but I'd like to be on the receiving end.

Bro 1: What are you talking about?

Bro 2: Oh, you know, sometimes I fantasize about playing with another man's dick, touching it, licking it, sucking on it, and getting fucked by it, and eventually I like to have his semen shot all over my face.

Bro 1: ???!!!!! What the fuck!!!

Bro 2: I guess you could call me a *pussyboy*.
by giggles71 March 16, 2010
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A less "offensive" version of the word "cuntboy". Refers to a female to male transsexual (ftm), who has chosen to keep his original genitalia and presents himself in a boyish manner.

Some consider them to be sexy in an incredibly exotic and unique way.
Peter: Hey Jack, remember that guy I went home with last night?

Jack: Yeah, that cute short one?

Peter: Turns out; he's a pussyboy.

Jack: You lucky bitch!
by SexyCuntboy May 21, 2011
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No one's sure as to when satan went from a tough guy to a pussyboy, all we know is it happened.
by sum.fukn.dude February 26, 2022
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some one is scared to fight someone
your a pussyboy.
by jack allan woods February 2, 2018
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1. A man with an excessive fascination with the female reproductive organ. Ofthen a criminal (a rapist).

2. A term used in prison to describe a pervert/rapist of females.
Hey pussyboy, you liked raping those bitches didn't you?
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
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