PE teacher: "get ready for the pushup fitness test"
me: "can we do knee pushups?"
PE teacher: *looks at me like I'm insane* "uhh... no..."
me: *gets down on mat, now looking stupid*
PE teacher: "ready, set, go!"
me: *does 2 half pushups before collapsing*
me: *continues to lie facedown looking dumb af, waiting for the other kids to finish so I can leave*

this is a true story
by TheRealSlamB36 May 13, 2020
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To pushup onna nicca to shoot sum shii up.
Aye sosa let’s go pushup on nem niccas.
by Pushinn March 21, 2020
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It's when you fuckin' lay down flat on the ground and let your boner lift you up off the ground.
In anticipation of becoming more popular with the ladies -- and as a means of becoming more popular with the ladies -- I've been doing cock pushups.
by Edward fromTuskeegee or something September 10, 2006
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Pushups that are done rapidly and in bad form while waiting for a group exercise class to start. They are mainly performed by men trying to impress girls in the class.
That guy in the back is making a fool of himself by doing all those douchebag pushups before yoga class starts.
by PoolPartyVato April 09, 2014
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Cock pushups is when you fucking lay down flat on the ground,
And you let your boner lift you up, off the ground.
Guy 1:Do you think this album will make us more successful with the ladies?
JB: Yeah, Iv'e been getting ready,Iv'e been doing cock pushups
by ActionDan February 09, 2007
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1. noun. English. A Korean push-up has occurred when a man is laying on a bed or trampoline on his back, and a female performs fellatio in a "push-up" position hovering over him. Now that's not all! The female uses her muscular fortitude to push up and down on the surface area around the male, bouncing him up and down in her mouth. This bouncing motion is what gives the traditional fellatiatic look and feel to this move.

This act has a difficulty rating of 8.2, and should not be attempted by anyone suffering from weak arms, tennis elbow, arthritis of the wrist, or a bad back. Attempts made by an inexperienced participant, may lead to serious throat and/or neck injuries, not to mention what may happen to the guy...
1. I got seasick last night from all the Korean pushups my girl was giving me last night.

2. Wow, your girlfriend is getting some broad shoulders. You should have her stop all of the Korean pushups.

3. I have a great way for me to participate in your weight-loss....Korean pushups!

4. Whoever said working out is no fun had no idea what a Korean pushup was all about.
by Doctor Lee, M.D. February 22, 2011
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to lift yourself off the ground... using only your boner

KG:Sex is a crucial component to the Kyle Gass Project. Now drop and give me one cock pushup.
JB: What's a cock pushup?
KG: What's a cock pushup? A cock push-up my friend, is when you lay on your stomach, and lift yourself of the ground with nothing but your boner
by NBaker January 14, 2008
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