Dead. Your body is dead in the ground, and being used as fertilizer by plants. Hence you are "pushing" plants up from the ground.
I've got 20 years till I'm pushing daises.

He better be careful or he'll be pushing daisies by year's end.
by radpin July 13, 2008
1. The action of bending down and extending force with one's hands onto a little yellow flower known as a daisy, 2. The action of smoking marijuana with two friends over the age of 15 while in a mid construction house at 7:50 p.m. on a Thursday night.
1. Hey dude watch me bend down and extend force with my hands on this little yellow flower known as a daisy. 2. C'mon my glipglops lets push some daisies in that house that's under construction tonight. Pushing Daisies
by KJBdefinitions January 15, 2018
Chuck is the most awesome character on Pushing Daisies, other than her aunts, Olive Snook, The Pie Maker, and Emerson Cod! They all rule!
Chuck has been brought back to life by Ned, The Pie Maker. She loves him, and he loves her back, but if he touches her, she dies perminately.
I can't believe that Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles (From Pushing Daisies) and Ned acutally kissed, even if it was only in his dream! Of course, she did turn into Olive, but, hey; it was good for Ned while it lasted!
by Larissa Woke Up One Morning January 13, 2009
A phrase used to describe someone dead. You will be in the ground dead so therefore daisies will grow on you, and you will be "pushing up daisies"
Joe "Hey i don't like you"
Steve "You wanna fight?"
Joe "Don't fight me or you'll be pushing up daisies"

Bill "Did you hear about Steve?"
Tom "Ya i heard he got into a fight"
Bill "Ya, now he's just pushing up daisies."
by koolkid... October 7, 2009
A nicer way of saying that someone is dead
Its so sad to think that my grandpa is pushing up daisies
by Ncg13 April 17, 2017
Meaning to be dead and buried.
A phrase used by Ween (the greatest band in the world) in their song "Push Th' Little Daisies."
Jimmy loved throwing action figures into busy streets then running amongst the traffic to retrieve them. His luck eventually ran out and he can only push up daisies.
by Andrew Rose May 10, 2006