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A condition caused by dropping a hit of LSD and waiting for an hour for the effects of the hallucinogen only to be disappointed that the dose was a total dud, so you take another dose and the first dose starts to kick in twenty minutes later, and then twenty minutes later the second dose begins to take effect, and within the next hour you find yourself in the middle of a parallel universe fucking a carnival ride horse that speaks in tongues; usually this state ends in arrest for multiple felonies and a good lesson learned: LSD results may vary.
1st tripper: I totally got purple unicorned last night?
2nd tripper: How come you're not in jail?
1st tripper: The carnival was closed and I just ended up in a pasture fuckin' a cow.
2nd tripper: How was she?
1st tripper: Fine ... until the bull showed up.
by THE DOOMED STUFFING November 08, 2014
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