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Depends on where you are.

For one, its when a big "lann" (penis) enters a tight pussy hole and rags it flawless with the subsequent moans and groans you hear from the lady translated as "purps!"
Hey man, I dun dat lil tight ass, anal baby, till she gave me loud purps wi cream!
by YuGeeZ December 11, 2006
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the name of the red square on the cover of the Bon Jovi album have a nice day
purp is one of the coolest covers for an album besides cobra starship
by Danielle S January 05, 2008
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A Purp is a girl who's more like a b*tch... She'll never luv you, and is always playin' stupid games...
Man, I ain't goin' with that stinkin' a** Purp!!
by MCE.D. November 14, 2003
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