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Slang term for purple haze. A great type of marijuana.
"Dude, my bro got two dimes of purps. Lets go spark up!"
by ARandomHeretic July 12, 2006
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When a person (typically one who is underage) who is not permitted to smoke a cigarette for whatever reason believes is being watched by an individual who will bust him for his smoking, cups the cigarette for a long period of time.
Teenager #1: "We went out to smoke a butt and Josh just sat there roastin a stoge 'cuz he thought his mom was watchin him."
Teenager #2: "That kids mad sketchy. Let's smoke a bowl."
Teenager #1: "Ok."
by ARandomHeretic October 14, 2006
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A Newport cigarette. Typically used in a deragotory manner to describe the group of people smoking them. "Niggerette" may also be used.
"Hey, man lemme get a stoge."
"You like Newports?"
"Fuck those Spicsticks".
by ARandomHeretic August 09, 2006
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The most loyal, faithful fans in the world. Actually know what baseball is and live their lives by it... something that cannot be said for the New York Yankees' "fan" base.
Member of Red Sox Nation: "So, who's your favorite player?"
Yankee Fanboy: "I like Derek Rodriguez, the Yankees left baseman."
Member of Red Sox Nation: "Shut the fuck up dumbass! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."
by ARandomHeretic September 18, 2006
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