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This occurs during a bisexual threesome involving two guys and one girl. When one man inserts his penis into the ass of the other man, then thrusts and guides that man into the womans vagina.
"Danny and Ryan pulled the puppeteer on Linda last night. Who thought Ryan would be the middle man."
by MisterRochet February 08, 2010
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When you put all four fingers inside of a girls vagina and wriggle your fingers around, making the girl writhe,spasm, and move around.
I gave your sister the puppeteer last night and she almost fell off the side of the bed.
by Satanic Hispanic September 17, 2007
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The act of shoving your fist so far up someones coochie that u make her talk.
"Yo this girl last night wanted me to be her puppeteer"
by DrieWiet March 15, 2019
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When a guy, or a girl going commando, zips up his/her pants and gets some of their pubic hair caught in the zipper. As one walks, the zippers pulls up and down on the pubic hair, much as a puppeteer manipulates a puppet.
"Dude, I was in such a rush, I totally got caught in a massive puppeteer."

"Dude, that puppeteer was so bad, it looked like I caught Buckwheat in my zipper."
by Richard Verga April 30, 2012
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Common between two heterosexual men that do not want to be tagged with the gay stigmata. The first man (puppet) lies nude with a rope tied around his wrist, his hand gripped around his penis. The second man (puppeteer) then pulls the other end of the rope in a style so the original man gets off as though he would be masturbating. Totally NOT GAY.
Hey bro, Ive got major blueballs and cant find a woman to help me out. Mind running a puppeteer for me?
by SodiumBMX February 26, 2010
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