2 definitions by Jakob with a K

1. A person that is easily controlled by others.
2. A person that conforms to pointless ideals set by others.
3. A person who changes opinions or views rapidly based on someone else's views/opinions.
I don't trust you. You are just a puppet.
by Jakob with a K July 10, 2008
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Someone who is loved by everyone, even more than... you guessed it, applesauce. When she smiles, you can’t not smile with her. When she laughs you can’t not laugh with her. When she loves you, that’s when life feels most complete and you feel warm inside every second of your life. She is ashmazing, and perfect in everyway, even more than you can imagine.
Why does Ashleysauce have to be so ashmazing?!
by Jakob with a K March 16, 2019
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