The best punk band that ever lived, one I would sell my soul to see live, but can't, because the lead singer (Joey Ramone) died. they were incepted in 1974 and gave their final concert in 1996.
Members of the band; Joey (vocals), Johnny (guitar), Dee Dee (lyrics, bass) Tommy (drums), Marky (drums after Tommy left) and CJ.
The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, but Joey did not live to see this--he died of lymphatic cancer on April 15, 2002.
the Ramones were inducted a year later, and 2 months after the ceremony Dee Dee died, on June the 5th.
Some songs include Teenage Lobotomy, Pinhead, The KKK Took My Baby Away, Rock and Roll High School, and others.
See for more info on band members, discography, etc.
the Corner of Bowery and 2nd Street in NYC was recently names "Joey Ramone Place" in honor of the great man.
They are the founding fathers of today's punk culture, and they added numerous dimensions to the world of punk of today. If you are a poser you only pretend to like the Ramones because other people do.
by ramonesrock June 17, 2004
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Greatest punk band ever. They started the punk scene but they did not set out by calling themselves punks. They formed the band to bring back rock n roll. They were a reaction to there being nothing decent to listen to on the radio, it was all Led Zepplin with their 20 minute soloes. The Ramones played fast but this did not mean their music wasn't as good, they still had the greatest sound ever whilst playing it faster than most people can.
Go out and buy The Ramones - Anthology and listen to the second disk for their best songs ever, in my opinion.
by Gabba Gabba Hey January 22, 2005
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the band that punk rock died with after the break-up of the band and after the death fo joey ramone who was go himself (weird thing he died onmy friend's 10th birthday)after the deat fo joey ramone there wasn't a single punk band ever i mean seriously simple plan? good charlotte? yellowcard? people these days think that's actual punk pish shaaaa that's a buncha b.s. i can barely consider that music
by flappybob November 5, 2004
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the kings of punk rock
(and originators)
first rule is be nice to mommy,second rule is the laws of germany,third rule
is don't talk to commies,fourth rule is
eat kosher sallamies. PURE GENIUS
by yeah July 22, 2004
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The Ramones is a band that made punk.Pure and simple.In it, therre war Johny,Joey,Marky,Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone.Sum of their songs r: Blitzkrieg bop, Sheena was a punk rocker, Rock n roll highschool
HEY HO, LETS GO !!!!!!
by PaNx July 20, 2005
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A really really really really realy sweet punk band and the originators of it

by Sean Barry April 28, 2004
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best fucking band in the history of music. better than the beatles, sex pistols and the clash. nobody can compare to them. everybody else is fucking trash and full of shit if they think they're better than the ramones. they rule and that is all.
The moon is full, the air is still,
All of a sudden I feel a chill,
Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away,
Skeletons dancee, I curse this day,
And the night when the wolves cry out,
Listen close and you can hear me shout.
by marley March 28, 2005
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