12 definitions by V dux

Another word for penis you can say in public
Earl left his hammerhead mark in the vaseline
by V dux August 28, 2007
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When your boy is fucking fumbling around w/ drug paraphernalia in the car while your being pulled over.
Usually resulting in bond money!!
What the fuck Rob Gage? "Your fumblelayo move in the back seat got us pinched".
by V dux August 28, 2007
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Oral sex where the male does all the work usually pumping his cock at his chosen pace and his chosen depth. Possibly pulling her head by her ears.
Did you get to hook up the mouth pumpins last night?
by V dux August 29, 2007
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To get a great suck down from a project chic. (section 8 housing)
I got some suction eight last night for 10 dollars.
by V dux September 5, 2007
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(o)<==== acronym for having anal sex.
Had her shitting donuts last night.
by V dux September 12, 2007
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A gay dude. period. One who fiddles with asses
That fucking ass fiddler is wearing Capri pants and a pink camo shirt again!
by V dux August 28, 2007
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