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generally said to someone when they do something really stupid like turn a corner doing 40 swerve to miss a car and in turn hit a tree which ends up hitting a house. (to be noted she did not get hurt which is why its funny)
1: yo u hear joey backed into a parked car?
2: no i didn't. ended up pulling a kelly eh?
by cheezhead August 10, 2008
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2 head to a kid before even hooking up with him after cracking jokes about getting on her knees.

2. hooking up with a 5th grader to get a glow necklace.
person 1:where did she go?
person 2: idk shes in the woods with some kid. i think shes pulling a kelly.
person 1:oh god.
by dontworryaboutittt September 14, 2008
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Becoming delusional, psychotic and making up absurd stories about people you know. Pulling a Kelly may result in arrest or commitment to a psychiatric facility as well as losing most of your friends.
That kid just went crazy for no reason....someone should tell him not to start pulling a kelly
by Bonita Sales January 11, 2012
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