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To say whatever comes to your mind and to get away with it scot-free
To tell someone's wife:

'You know, you're in such great shape... beautiful'

Is the best example of how to pull a trump.
by Professor grandmaster G July 13, 2017
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Taking a shit on someone's lawn, stepping in it, and then walking into their house with shit all over your shoes.
I don't like our neighbor, so I'm going to pull a Trump.
by jmarquiz August 16, 2018
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To blatantly keep asserting a lie, despite the overwhelming and obvious facts to the contrary.
Real Estate Salesman tried to pull a Trump, as he stood next to me on the empty lot, he kept insisting that the building located on the lot was currently renting for 100k a month.
by Gottaloveit2 July 25, 2017
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To build a wall to keep someone else out, whilst making them pay for it.
-"Ya' know, Donald is gonna Pull A Trump on them Mexicans, he might even build a wall around New Mexico"
--"Why would he do that?"
-"He doesn't want NEW Mexicans"
by Frisky Butts August 13, 2017
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