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- The inuit word for the thin layer of snow in which small mammals spend the winter.

- A very funny sounding word that can be used in almost any sentence as long as no one knows the actual meaning.
"Aww come on teach, this homework assignment on inuit names for snow is SUCH a load of pukak."

-Phil (whilst discussing homework in bio)
by Philly_g May 07, 2006
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The kind of drunk where you no longer care if your head is inside the hole of the port-a-potty.

A Vegas trip with your best buddies, but you can't remember any of their names.

When you throw up in the middle of the carnival bar or forget your wallet at Outback on the strip.
I am so pukak'ed I got my head stuck in the toilet
by Scissornose July 26, 2010
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