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A person (usually male) who is pretentious and arrogant, but lacks any real skill or ability. Most often used by military pilots.
Around here, we got two kinds of pilots: the hotdogs who get all the hot planes, and then you got your pudknockers who dream of flying the hot planes. So, what are you two pudknockers gonna have?
by eyeheartboobs May 15, 2004
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stupid men who fucks everything up so badly it's as if they attempt to execute tasks with their flacid penises,
Everything Randy touches turns to shit! What a pudknocker.
by Hugh Mutha Fuckin Jass April 22, 2003
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One who knocks puds with another "pud knocker"
(At a bar) This act, along with numerous others... "Say Dude...Ya wanna' come over to my place and "knock puds?"...would make you a Pud Knocker.
by Mo.D April 27, 2009
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Any vehicle (but mostly a 1980's beat to shit F250) that has a serious engine knock and leave puddles every where it is parked.
That Tony sure has a sweet pudknocker.
by Bob 34 Dobbs March 28, 2017
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