In an ideal world, a public school is a place that kids, living in the community, can learn reading, writing, math, science, civics education, music, debate, art, etc for free. The community funds the school via taxes. Without the support of the community, the public school will flounder. With the support of the community, the school will also be able to supply tutors, social workers, counselors, etc.

The public neighborhood school allows the kids to attend without having to travel great distances. If the school isn't walking distance, bus transportation is usually provided.

Many believe that the movement away from neighborhood schools is a bad idea. Many believe the best option is to create more choices within each neighborhood school. Supply ample funding so the school can offer drama, debate, art, vocational classes, etc.

Florida Governor DeSantis said that any school receiving public funds is a public school. There has been a movement in the US to use public dollars to fund charter schools (which in some cases allow profits to go to real estate developers who own the building and land that house the charter school), and private schools.
I am grateful for the public schools I attended.
Public schools offer opportunities for children of all economic status.
by Susan In Florida-1 January 08, 2020
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Public school is hell, private school kids are blessed. Public school doesn’t purify their water, there’s always hair in your food, and you can never get a decent teacher.
“You have to go to public school this year? That sucks man”
by MentallyIllCheck January 08, 2020
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