Now, I can only speak for public schools in Florida, but I think *most* other states' educational systems loosely follow this pattern.

Public schools are schools which are controlled and funded (or underfunded, depending on how you think about it) by the government. They are usually piss poor and lots of kids can't even read by the fifth grade. Many public schools are a travesty of education and a stain on our fine country. In addition to making kids stupid, they breed politically correct nonsense like a disease. They are filled with violence and many children are transformed into skanky hoes who can't remember having virginity. Any parent worth their beans will send their child to a private school. I know MY children will never set foot into a public school!
Ewww...a public school? Well, I'll have to wear my bullet proof vest!

Public school kid: Holy cow! You are wearing a shirt from Lacoste and seem to be reading a book!
Private school kid: Why, yes I am.
Public school kid: This indicates both money AND intelligence! You go to a private school don't you!
by interruptive_cow January 08, 2006
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The places that a lot kids age 5-18 go to 5 days a week for 6-8 hours. They are basically prisons, trying to cram useless information in your brain. They lock you in classrooms, and don't let you go to the bathroom until class is over. And even in those 4 minutes in between classes, you still can't use the bathroom cause everyone else is.

Some public schools (like mine) have a very severe drug problem, and have even had police come because of it. They say that what they're teaching you is just preparing you for the next grade, so when are we gonna do actual learning, and not preparing?

Everyone bullies you, even the teachers. One of my teachers called 3 boys some "waste of air" and literally no one disagreed with her. She was old and senile, and nobody liked her. Except for one of my friends that I was fake to. She was a good two shoes who nobody liked. I was forced to be her friend.

So yeah. Don't send your kids to public school. Private school would be nice. Or even homeschool.
Billy: I go to a private school.
Bob: Lucky. I have to go to this ratchet public school that's been around for 50 years.
by Pillowincase July 12, 2019
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A school for people who actually want to have a life.

Lots of different kinds of people
Lots of sports
Lots of clubs
Less rich people
More friendly people
No religion

Bomb threats

If you go to a private school, do you really think you are better? Does having a bmw or an alienware make you better than someone who goes to a public school and has 10x the life you do? People actually dress not all the same and listen to many knids of music. There is usually a real tech lab with an AUTO SHOP(a place you work on cars and get dirty for the yuppies out there), a WOOD SHOP (where you can build shit), and WOODS to smoke in.

Poor/middle class people really ARE friendlier.
I go to Greece Arcadia High School, a public school in Rochester.
by Snakes on Plane September 26, 2006
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A Public School is a government-funded free source of education. Public schools vary greatly in their success, there are some that offer a great standard in everything from education to the student wellbeing, and some that don't. However, just because one public school is unsatisfactory does not mean that they are all that way.

Many people like to generalize and say that public school kids are filthy and public schools are horrible environments and that Private schools are for spoilt rich kids/smart and conceited kids. This is untrue. Both types of schools have their up-sides and down-sides.
Mom: Son, do you like your government funded free source of education?
Son: Yeah mom, public school is actually pretty cool!
by Clearingupeverythang July 28, 2011
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A superior type of English school reserved for the wealthy and upper classes.

Such schools include:

Eton College
Radley College
Harrow School
Charterhouse School
Winchester College
by King James I February 03, 2007
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"Did you hear about the Public School"
Yeah, Public Schools are a black guys shooting range"
by UR A FAGOTT December 16, 2019
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a misunderstood type of school system. Incorrectly assumed to be the worst, however they are just as good as private schools. Some leaders of industry hail from a public school. Majority of public school students are actually good citizens, but are overlooked.
Public school Student: I come from a public school.
Private School student: I pity you.
Public school Student: Nah, you shouldn't. My school is actually good. It has enabled us to grow a sense of camaraderie.
by ColonelSummers March 07, 2020
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