Generally an intelligent, heterosexual, socially concerned male with adequate amounts of male hormone but who's sadly been hit with the ugly stick at birth. They go through most of their adolescents and young adulthood severley tormented, discriminated and rejected by both sexes because of personal appearance flaws, but its the female rejection which would later demonize them forever. Then from about ages 25+ these somewhat psychologically damaged and bitter individuals begin to despise all human rights and wrongs especially the 'asthetic law' which places the ugly away from the goodlooking. The end result being a sexually frustrated, deprived lonely individual whos only en-route to eden and out of depression is to go on a ballistic rampage for nothing more than self gratifcation, revenge and power.
Cop; Man there's something about that psycopaths case that all us males can relate and on a higher note which also explains the rife media interest. I conclude the guy had no self control!.. Thats all. In fact I'm glad I met my Betty Davis way back on prom night.
by bob February 11, 2005
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A person who makes his own rules and lives in his own world. When you see this kind of person it is maditory to point that man or woman to the public so they know what they are dealing with.
Andrew: Tobar remember when you gave me the vodka that one monday

Tobar: Ya man you were saying that you were ok but you were not

Andrew: Only you would do that kinda shit! You a PSYCHOPATH!
by El Equis June 06, 2009
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Psychopaths are people who would use psychological torture against a person, or in some way attempt to destroy a person's life.

Psychopaths enjoy trying to ruin their target's career and preventing people from associating with their target.

Psychopaths will usually bully people, using techniques including ostracizing them.

You'll find psychopaths in your workplace. Often, they'll all target only a specific individual. Their motives may never be known.

Psychopaths appear to work in groups. They'll select their target and attack them in any way they can, so long as they can't get caught.
Russell the psychopath would try to bully Joe and try to get him fired. He would encourage his psychopath friends.

Dozens of psychopaths tried to destroy Joe's career. Joe was jobless, solely due to the psychopath's actions
by Santa was greater than Jesus October 15, 2013
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A psychopath is a person who tries to harm others.

Much of the psychopath's work will be non-physical. It will include bullying. Bullies are essentially psychopaths.

A psychopath has no morality. They will try to get people to worry, and the more they traumatise people, the happier the psychopath is.

They will often try to turn people against each-other, and will always pick a person and make an attempt to destroy their life.

Psychopaths stand up for psychopaths, and will attack in groups.
I'd like to know why that psychopath is trying to ostracise me from the group.

Sean, the psychopath, kept kicking, punching, and throwing sharp metal objects at me.
by Bat-shit insane! September 03, 2011
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These people are just plain mean, they're out for themselves. They'll lie to your face as well as just bitch you out, even though you're "best friends" Eventually the relationship will end because he/she has decided they don't want to be around you anymore, and will come up with a twisted version of the truth (possibly not even based on truth) and tell everyone, turning you into either the dick/bitch in the situation or completely embarrassing you. Either way, they just love to see you upset, and don't even feel guilty.
Friend 1: "Why aren't you and so-and-so friends anymore?"

Psychotic "Friend": "Because, she is such an awful, backstabbing, lying bitch of a best friend, who told all my secrets and tried to break up my boyfriend and I."


Friend 1: "Hey so-and-so, <insert psychopath friend's name here> said you're a bitch. I've been thinking, and she's so right. She's so much better than you, I think it's best we not be friends anymore. Ta."

So-and-so: "...................sorry?"
by whoopiepie July 26, 2010
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