A person who knows the difference between right and wrong, but chooses to fuck and distroy peoples lives. Shows fake emotions towards others, and chooses to lie to every single person they know, This person would happily destroy anything or anyone simply for personal pleasure or gain.
J:Victoria said she has thousands of dollars and has a modeling career, and that she was dating a football payer
B: I know, she’s always mentioning it during lunch
J: Girl, she’s fu*kin lying we we’re barley finding ends meet when she was talking about all her money sometimes I was wondering where it all was and she even lied about her dating a fb player we would hangout outside his window of his house and I would be begging to leave. It was so embarrassing girl. A psychopath on god!
by The truth always come outtt October 22, 2019
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Someone who is so crazy, they cant correctly control their thoughts/ actions
Street name: Psychotic
'Wow, Did you see those Terrorists attack those poor kids?'
'Yeah, Their a Psychopath
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1.What every man becomes when his ex begins toying with them for an undetermined amount of time
Ex-"I want you in my life. I am ready for this again."
5 min later
Ex-"I'm not ready. I can't give you what you want."
Ex-"You're a psychopath"

Repeat for life.
by osimonmagus August 17, 2013
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- articulatly fakes a damn good british accent.

- favours tea and crumpets over MacDonald's coffee

- can quote Hannibal Lector, and Dexter

- resembles the average caucasian fellow

- enjoys art work, photography, and classical music

- secretly murders younger children in her/his backyard with chees graders while singing along to showtunes

- could be found in phone book under name of 'Jennifer Gould'

Often quoted saying: 'It ain't murder if we do it with a smile, is it?'
Hannibal Dexter Insane Crazy Killer Evil

Baby-rapist Psychopath Jennifer
by BunD. December 30, 2009
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One who thinks others are lesser, and deserve to die, or be tormented to the psychopath's content. Often this results in violence, and the manipulation of weak minds by said psycho.
<click-click... BLAMM!!! SPLATT!!!!> "Have a nice day!"
by GORZ June 11, 2004
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A raving lunatic who throws younger people into walls out of frustration that he is dating a thot.
Rick is a psychopath for what he did to that hamster.
by Shíthead December 19, 2016
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1. An individual with one or more mental disorders that are potential harmful to themselves or other people.

2. A crazy bitch who is obsessed with a guy.
Definition 1;
Guy 1: That Steve guy is really a psychopath. He tried to kill my dog yesterday with a plastic spoon yesterday!

Guy 2: Damn. You should probably call the police.

Definition 2;
Guy 1: Dude, Stacey has been stalking me.

Guy 2: Damn. Bitch be crazy!
by SlickDickTracey March 03, 2019
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