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Someone who tries to fake a suicide for attention
"he is so pseudocidal, he didn't even load the gun before fake shooting himself in front of his parents"
by AustinLU March 27, 2009
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A term used when a person-usually teenaged-acts out in a somewhat lame suicidal manner to get attention.
Ben was pseudocidal when he swallow a whole bottle of Flinstone vitamins.
by schuyler_15 April 07, 2009
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Dramatic exaggerated harmless attempt at suicide, rarely successful, and not meant to actually result in death, but to garner attention.
That crayzee emo patient in room 14 said he wanted to kill himself, his plan was to overdose on 4 tylenol. He's "pseudocidal"
by Nurse Wretched February 06, 2012
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Pseudo-cidal is a word referencing the over use of the word "suicidal" for individuals who claim they are suicidal when there is no clinical evidence of suicidal thoughts/history/severe depression or when individuals will claim they are suicidal to gain an psychiatric inpatient admission for housing/food, and/or use the statement that they are suicidal when they are drunk/high and retract their suicidality once sober.
1. Dude, I have a court date today and I'm going to go to the hospital for the "pseudo-cidal".

2. This patient displays no evidence of suicidal thoughts or plans and appears to be intoxicated upon eval and expressing "pseudo-cidal" presentation.
by kdawg newhallville October 20, 2011
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