(noun) |Plural: pseuds|
A pretentious person that pretends to know a lot about the Arts when infact knows very little or nothing.

Shortening of the word: Pseudo

Pronounced: "Su'youd"
He said that it raised the question of egalitarianism affecting meritocracy, he's such a pseud!
by Kit Pebble April 29, 2005
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Short for pseudo-intellectual. The type of character prevalent on 4chan or 8chan, or maybe a guest on MSM news trotted out for propaganda, who thinks they have everything figured out and all others are lesser beings (e.g., Sebastian Gorka). Or just a plain old failed or mediocre academic with an inferiority complex in need of bolstering (e.g., Jordan Peterson) who has found rejuvenated glory by trotting out pseudo-academic drivel appealing to racist, or neoconservative, or reactionary or sometimes even neoliberal anxieties.
"Did you see that pseud claiming Trump is on Earth to complete the System of German Idealism? Man was he trolling that journo."
by Geonmaster June 30, 2019
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Half-human, half-software being. Can enter cyberspace and create matter out of data. Named after Japanese gods.
Izanagi is a pseud. Technically, Izanami and Kikuri are too.
by izanagisTechno August 14, 2021
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