George Orwell, the chronicler of the totalitarian systems, wrote Animal Farm is a tale of the beautiful, perfect world in which all are equal. The masses rise up to throw off the oppression of a few, only to find soon after in a new form of terror and bondage again.

There are Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, which appear in the form of intelligent pigs Major, Napoleon and Snowball, but also with names like Mao, Kim Il-Sung or Ceauşescu is coming from the same initial to the same end, and with names like Hitler, Pinochet of course, even if it were not called revolution.

This makes the Animal Farm a fairy tale that will remain current for just as long, as long as there are dictatorships on earth. But that does not concern us here. You might think! Because totalitarian tendencies, albeit on a modest scale, are everywhere, on every continent, in every country. It is always remain vigilant to us, always make sure that the story can not be turned back.
Animal Farm by George Orwell is a classic of literary history.
by Mundanus April 28, 2014
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Quite possibly the best political satire ever written. This, of course, comes from the genius that is George orwell who has also written the master.piece 1984
Basically, this is the russian revolution but with farm animals.
everythings in it; Stalin (Napoleon in the book) Propaganda (Squealer), Trotsky (Snowball) as well as a number of other people and groups of people who are represented by animals, humans and objects.
The symbolism in this book is great. If your know a minimal amount about Russia in those days, then you'll love how this book makes it easy to understand.
In fact, this book is so good that its still on the top 50 list for top sellers. Also, it is a good read for children as well as intelligent adults.

Now, go read it! Its about a 100 pages so it won't take up all your time.
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
by mrpopenfresh April 23, 2004
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Excellent satire of early 20th Century Comunism in Russia.
"Four legs good, two legs bad!!!"
by matt March 30, 2004
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used as an infinitive verb as is "to animal farm" it. A reference to George Orwell's novel by the same title and signifies the sudden changing of administrative policies or rules without any acknowledgement of change. In Orwell's novel, when the pigs in charge changed the rules, they simply painted over the old rules at night while the rest of the animals were sleeping. When the animals awoke, the new rules were now the only rules, and no discussion of change was permitted. Change was never communicated and was actively denied. Thus, to "animal farm it" means to change the rules and then to pretend it was always that way and that the rule breaker was an idiot for assuming they knew the rules.
e.g. To animal farm, I.e. when a change is made to a digital document and the change is not tracked so that it appears as if no change occurred because there is no record of the previous version or the change; there is simply change.
by The Doctor is In September 17, 2013
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Supposedly a porn film featuring bestiality, but little more than an urban myth circulating endlessly amongst braindead chav schoolboys all over England since the 1980s.
"Seen nat film Animal Farm, then, where a bloke fucks a chicken, like?"
"No I haven't you sad janner twat, it doesn't exist."
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
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I had to read this book for some prick in English class. I did not read most of the book, but still took a test and wrote a report on that book and answered questions about each chapter. Oh, this guy hates me so much, he says I never turned in the book and wants me to pay $20 for it.
"Two legs good, four legs bad. So kill those animals!"

I think that is how it went, but I would not know since I did not read the book.
by Matt. H. April 11, 2005
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When some piece of text, particularly a website, changes without notice to help impose a new viewpoint.
That NYT article was totally Animal Farmed after critics called it anti-Semitic!
by Mr. XY April 4, 2013
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