A conversational device used by people who want to appease everyone, and do not want to take a solid stance on any topic as to not polarize someone they wish to be liked by.
Person 1: I think that prank where the guys feed seagulls laxatives and have them shit all over everyone at the beach is hilarious!

Person 2: I think it was cruel to the seagulls, and there were children on the beach. It was a terrible and awful prank. What do you think Person 3?

Person 3: Well, I think it was a brilliant prank. I mean, who thinks of something like that? It was absolute mayhem, shit was descending from the heavens and people were losing their minds.. THAT BEING SAID, I think that we should condemn this behavior for it was cruel to the innocent wildlife and unsuspecting children. Absolutely reprehensible behavior.

Person 1: Well, you kind of just agreed with both of us..

Person 2: Yeah, have a point of view..

Person 1: I agree with Person 2, have a stance on something and stop being a tool..
by makazen January 29, 2018
A device used in conversation to redirect the conversation to a point of your choosing, or to acknowledge and move past a point of debate.
I recognize that you don't like how I frame conversations, that being said, it is what it is.
by met@thought January 10, 2014
Something you say after talking shit on a woman to clarify you'd still bang her after everything you say. Usually said on celebs or an acquaintance.
Guy: Kim K is such an arrogant bitch, she's 90% plastic! That being said, I'd tap that.

Example 2:
Guy: Matt's girlfriend Amy is such a slut, I'm certain she's cheating on him. That being said, I'd tap that.
by ShoshAhSheli August 15, 2017