2 definitions by MORELLIVS

1.) A good city with HOT WOMEN, but a very LARGE crime rate. They were thinking about putting up a wall to trap escaping bullets from the downtown area of the city, but instead lifted all speed limits so that travelers could go faster without being shot.
Brazilian A: Let's do a driveby!
Brazilian B: We can't since the speed limit was lifted. People drive way to fast, and I can't even hit them
Brazilian A: Fuck you, man
by MORELLIVS June 29, 2005
1. A group of people that seperated from the Catholic Church (Also known as Lutheran because of the person who proposed the IDea for the protesting) because it felt that its teaching were becoming too materialistic. These people are generally giving (especially to the Church), but have been known to have narrow thinking. They did have their reasons though for separating from the Catholic Church.
The Lutheran Chuch paid for the new homeless shelter.
by MORELLIVS June 25, 2005