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1990-2003 Mazda automobile; A compact sedan for the compact car enthusiast. 3 generations: 'BG'= 1990-1994, 'BHA'= 1995-1998, 'BJ'= 1999-2003. BG chassis cars have the B8 1.8L SOHC Inline 4(~108hp) and the LX has the BP 1.8L DOHC Inline 4(~125hp). BHA chassis cars have the Z5 1.5L Inline 4(~98hp) and the ES has the BP 1.8. BJ chassis cars have the Z6 1.6L, FP 1.8L, and FS 2.0L.

Known for thier sporty handling and driving style as well as outstanding reliability and crisp styling, they remain underestimated by the masses, but popular amongst Mazda enthusiast.
Some kid: Is that your car?
Me: Yes it is.
Some kid: Dude, what is that?
Me: It's my '94 Protege LX.
Some kid: Hey I got this Civic, it's like stock, I'll race you.
Me: No, that's quite alright. While my Protege is quick, it's a classy compact car and I'd feel bad degrading it by racing your Civic. Sorry.
by MazKid February 28, 2006

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Verb used by Mazda and Mazda engineered car(see Probe, Escort GT, Escort LX-E, Tracer LTS, Mercury Capri(and XR-2), and Festiva) owners instead of the word "drive" to convey spirited, agressive, sporty, and fun, driving.
Originated in Mazda commercials starting in 1999.
Police Officer: Sir, do you know how fast you were travelling back there?
Me: Sir, to tell you the truth I was zoom zooming so I'm sure I was going pretty quick.
Police Officer: I first saw you flying down the clover leaf exit back there, you looked out of control.
Me: Don't worry officer, I was just having a zoom zoom moment, I'll try to keep myself from doing that in the future.
Police Officer: Well, that's ok. I'm going to let you go on a warning. Have a nice day and be careful.
Me: Thanks officer. *gets out of sight and continues zoom zooming*
by MazKid February 28, 2006

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