To speak to a person or body of people , regarding things which are happening presently and things which is to come.

Could be a lecture or a motivational speech ,usually , to build the Faith of a person or people.
His spirit was so full of energy , that he started to prophesy to the weary servants and motivated the!m.
by Kester and the HS April 3, 2019
A book of deliverance mentioned to arrive in the end-times by God's arch messenger, Michael, in Daniel 12:1, Malachi 3:1, and Revelations 10:1-11. The leader prophet "Naziyr" will deliver as foretold in Jeremiah chapter 30.
"You got that new Bible called, "The Holy Book of the Prophesied Counselor" yet?"
by The Covenant Messenger July 21, 2021