A step taken by right-wingers to strip gay people of not only the right to marry, but all of the rights and benefits that come with marriage. It blatently writes discrimination into the Constitution and makes same-sex marriage illegal.

Voting "No" on Prop 8 is voting in favor of same-sex marriage and the rights of gays while "Yes" on Prop 8 means that gays will have their rights taken away.

Contrary to right-winger's claims, Prop 8 has nothing to do with children or schools or religion. Their claim that same-sex marriage will be taught in schools is ludicrous; schools don't even teach about OPPOSITE-sex marriage, and even if they did, it would be to teach about different families. And it is not forcing churches to perform same-sex marriages or suing anybody or supporting the private agendas of any judge. These claims are nothing more than fear-mongering and twisting of the truth. This is not a religious issue; this is a civil rights issue.
Prop 8 is all about discrimination and taking people's rights away. Regardless of how one feels about gays or about marriage, it is immoral to take people's rights away.

And using children to encourage "Yes on 8" is as low and as despicable as Ann Coulter and Fred Phelps.

And that people are raising millions of dollars now, in an economic crisis, to write discrimination into the Constitution, is appalling. Money that could be put to good use is instead used to fund hatred by a bunch of meddling bigots who are nosing into something that is none of their business.
by Lorelili October 30, 2008
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The most idiotic proposition ever.

Proposition 8 is the proposition to ban gay marriage in California. Voting yes means you would like it banned, and no the other way. The commercials supporting this proposition are highly unconvincing and religious in any way possible.

In other words, if you would like to join a group of bible thumping christfags in their quest to take away a community's rights, feel free to vote yes on Prop 8.
Bob Mob: What do you think of Prop 8?
Joe Shmo: It's stupid and pointless.
Joe Shmo: And obviously, you aren't. Even though it says in that bible of yours 'God loves everyone'.
Bob Mob: ....
by FraulineFive October 21, 2008
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YES was made on this law, making gay marriage illegal in the state of California.

A law that made Californians look retarded.

Passing this law made "equality" a joke.
"Hey did you hear that Prop 8 was passed?"

"Yeah, what fucking retards."

"Yeah, the people who voted 'YES' are such douches."
by Vice! November 15, 2008
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A dumb statewide measure that takes away the right from same-sex couples to marry.
Dude Prop 8 was unfair and wrong.
by 45454564433566 November 10, 2008
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A proposition passed in California to make same-sex marriage illegal, therefore rewriting the Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence.
Homophobes, religious cuckoos, and right wingers voted yes on Prop 8.

Me: Vote NO on Prop 8!
Right-Winger: Ew! A child! She's not even old enough to drive!
Me: So?
RW: You know nothing about politics! Vote YES on Prop 8!
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
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Prop. to make marrige ONLY between 1 man and 1 woman in Cali.
prop 8 supporters: Christians, Sexist Groups

prop anti-supporters: Homosexuals, gay right supporters
by Proud Christian! May 27, 2009
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