Something that young men who tan too much and have no future drive as if it's a Lotus.
"I'm such a tool, I had to buy a Ford Probe!"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
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Horrible car. I mean it's named after something you shove up your ass.
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
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Something that americans tend to have jammed up their asses halting any neural activity in their brain.
by superostia November 12, 2003
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probes (more commonly known as anal probes) originated from a documentary based on future events. Aliens documented an entire war between our race and two others. They came to earth a few years ago and gave that information to someone that happened to work in blizzard. Being the evil bastard that the guy is he got it turned into a computer game and made some heavy bling bling off of it. The probe used to be the invisible unit that flew around and didnt attack but the basic building unit stole his name cause they didnt like bob the builder as a name. the ex-probes soon later adopted the name "observer". after the government seen how useful the enemy technology was to the enemy they have yet not met, they stole it and probed through the galaxy. Some mad scientist name pimp daddy stole the technology and now flies through peoples asses fo fun w it.
mom: hey timmy get out of the damn bed now, schools about to start u bitch.
timmy: i cant mommy the probe is bangin my anal open hard!
by YO MY HO February 26, 2003
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A ginger person. My big bros mate is called "richard probert" so they call him probe he is ginger so wen eva my bg bro sees a ginger he will shout pppprrrroooobbbe newhere even in da cinema!
*drivin down da road*
Arh poor ginger!!!
by Chloe weeks December 06, 2004
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