a term given to nade launchers of the game cod4. only a$$holes uses 'noob tube'
by teblin February 15, 2009
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A grenade launcher used in Halo reach that takes skill to use.
That guy went 15-0 with the pro pipe on Powerhouse!
by Meiru July 27, 2011
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the opposite of 'noob tube', a term used in Call of Duty 4 where one shoots a grenade with the grenade launcher attachment at an enemy who is out in the open and could have easily been killed with a few bullets.

pro pipe is when the grenade launcher attachment is used tactically, ie. in the situation where when an enemy is wounded but escapes to cover behind a wall or around a corner and other enemies are advancing, so the grenade launcher is used in an intelligent way where no other option was available.
player: "yeah, so xXDARK_SN1PERXx took a faceful of bullets from my M16 and managed to escape around a corner, and when I saw his teammates coming up from behind him, I used my grenade launcher to kill him with the splash damage from the explosion."

player's buddy: "nice use of the pro pipe! but, you're a fucking noob for using the M16."
by arakniddude September 23, 2009
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the REAL name of the m203. only faggots and pussies that get raped call it the noob tube. only REAL MEN can use the pr0 pipe and rape with it.
search youtube for 100 kills 5 deaths with the pro pipe
by volound March 15, 2010
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Not to be confused with "bro-pipe", this refers to the rifle mounted grenade launchers in warfare games (see Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty 4, etc). These can also be called "noob tubes"- though in some cases that would be an incorrect term.

Case 1- If someone uses a grenade launcher because they cannot kill otherwise- you would be correct in the assumption that it is a "noob tube".

Case 2- If someone uses the launcher because he/she is bored of the guns, and prefers to find more inventive ways to kill people (i.e. curving the ordinance through window frames, arcing at the right angles, hearing footsteps and killing someone who is around the corner, shooting a dud at close range to hit them in the stomach so they make that satisfying "ooof" sound) then that is not a "noob tube". Case 2 is a PRO PIPE.

In case 1- the user is easy enough to counter. Wait until he/she is reloading or force them into close quarters to truly test their aim. They only have one chance to dud shot you.

In case 2- it does not matter. Guns, knives, grenades- the user would have killed you anyways. You are their play things.

Generally- people have to have something to whine about on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC. Noob tube can be considered a derogatory term to those skilled enough to know the difference between cheesing out the grenade launcher and appreciating it's useful (yet slightly different from a gun) ballistic tendencies.
"That level 1 had trouble hitting anybody- now he has a few kills because of the grenade launcher- I mean noob tube"

"Wow. That guy is really tough to beat. He just went 29 and 1 on terminal- there was nothing we could do to beat him- even when he ran out of grenades and only had a pistol! I can't tell you how many times he killed two or three of us at once with that PRO-PIPE"
by Noob Tuber April 2, 2010
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Term Bungie has given for the new grenade launcher in soon to be released beta, and later new game, Halo: Reach.

Awesome person- That's Pro-Pipe to you motherfucka.
by Mboone April 20, 2010
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A slang term for performing oral sex on a male individual.
Little Timmy was walking down the street one day, when a prostitute offered him a pro pipe for $5.
by FenderBenderx May 28, 2010
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