(verb) when the door guy at the club lies to you saying "sorry, private party", cause you just ain't it!
" I showed up at the door, and that asshole private partied me!"
by andyVONwolfgang March 19, 2015
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seriously I can't believe i'm the first person to put this in...
then again its not really an urban word...

n. party of close friends with few if any outsiders, typically in someone's house/basement/garage/apartment above the garage. typically involves large amounts of alcohol and shenanigans
that time we hung out in Rachel's aunts garage and got so blasted on jello shots, had Sir Nicklington run the gauntlet and boosh chugger chugged a bush lite and puked gloriously on video.....THAT was a private party.
by boosh chugger May 27, 2009
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In the swinging lifestyle, a house party or private house party is an event that takes place in a home, resort or hotel where mate swapping and group sex occur.
Last night was our first private house party.
by wenched July 12, 2005
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When a man has a boner and invites woman of any age to tend to his boner. Only those invited are allowed to partake in the boner making it a private party, with a boner.
Man: I have a boner and need some tending, perhaps i will invite females of any age to tend to my boner and have a little private boner party, mmmmmmmmmmmm.
by joandy williams December 31, 2009
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