1. An alledgedly straight person resorting to homosexuality due to an ineptitude with women.

2. An alledgedly straight person resorting to homosexuality while incarcerated.
He's not really into dudes he's just prison gay.
by Anticulture August 5, 2019
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A term that describes men, who by a complete ineptitude with women, often combined with ugly looks, are forced to result to homosexual relationships with other men because they cannot have sex with any women.
Brian and Ford are totally prison gay. Whenever they're not playing D&D, they're having sex with each other because no woman would ever touch either of them.
by rowtow May 18, 2007
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a fallacious label exclusively used by self-professed "true" gays who are insecure that bis won't top their hairy masc ass or fuckboys with an empathy deficit who lurk on alt-right/incel corners of the internet.
he's a lonely bisexual, therefore I deem him prison gay and rightfully so; i am the holy gatekeeper of homosexuality.
by owned_by_conde_naste October 31, 2019
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An otherwise heterosexual man who while in prison engages in homosexual sex. Can include who men prefer women but resort to gay sex as an sexual and/or emotional outlet while incarcerated, as well as men who are forced into submissive sexual roles by other men punks.
Jose is straight, married and got kids but he was Prison Gay while he was doing that dime in Attica.
by BxMuscle January 23, 2009
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Someone who fucks guys when they are in jail
Derek Can’t get no pussy in jail so he has to be prison gay and find a butt hole
by Dizzle6303 December 25, 2022
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Prison Gay is when a straight male has sex with another man or tranny , this dose not make that person gay or homosexual because in prison all you have is a man or tranny. Also this person dose not need prior prison experience or time served.

Rule #1-as long as you say out loud “I’m not gay just prison gay” it’s ok

Rule #2- you the prison gay can not give pleasure only receive it ( Giving pleasure to another man would actually mean you’re gay)

Rule #3- what is the difference between a mans ass and women’s ass ? Correct nothing , it looks the same smells the same feels the same and it’s made up of the same material therefore it’s not gay

Rule #4- you need to naturally be attracted to women and not men, fantasizing about a man makes you gay
Hey Matt I herd Cody had sex with a tranny last night at the hotel for fun ? I didn’t think he was gay he has children and a wife ? (Pat) no he’s not gay his prison gay

(Matt) ohh I see no problem then

Danny) yeaaaaaa good for him !
by Fast eddy July 7, 2020
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A deceptive variety of gay man, who has the appearance of a very macho, straight man, but is indeed, very very gay.

Marked by flat tops, jorts, combat boots, and steroid use; overly manicured goatee's are also common.

They enjoy working out, motorcylces, Ultimate fighting, Oprah, and dancing.
Dude the guy on the cover of that Body Builder Magazine, is totally prison gay.
by T_Volt44 July 14, 2008
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