"A PA is probably the most common male genital piercing -- it heals quickly and is relatively trouble free. It enters the urethra and exits immediately behind the glans.

The piercing is usually done in 10ga or larger, and stretches very quickly. Most men (and women) find that 6ga or 4ga is an ideal size. For some people, the piercing is purely aesthetic, but for others, it is highly sensual. I should add that some women find the piercing uncomfortable.

Finally, be warned that wearing a ring in your urethra will often affect the urine stream -- you may need to sit down to pee."
by DigitalAcid August 28, 2003
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When a male gets his penis pierced. This can go in many ways. It is most commonly done in that the peircing goes up through the bottom of the penis and comes though the urethra. The peircing goes after the head and before the bottom of the foreskin cut off. It is a reletively painless procedure and makes everything better for both parties. aka p.a.
Lee has a P.A.. It is really nice. His girlfriend never wants to stop doing the nasty. It makes her happy lips happy. Go Lee go
by prince April 24, 2003
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Prince Albert is the third-largest city (after Saskatoon and Regina) with a population of 41,072 as of 2006 in Saskatchewan, Canada.
The city is nick-named:
1. "Gateway to the North", as it is the most northen city centre in Saskatchewan.
2. P.A., short form of Prince Albert.
"I've heard of Prince Albert, its cold there."
by laura_spandex November 25, 2006
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after doing a woman/man in the arse, you pull out your penis and rub it underneath their nose, leaving a mustache made of shit
gay man1:'pull it, out it hurts now'
gay man2:'ok, can i prince albert you?'
gay man1:'um.... ok then!!!'
by codename : mnimd March 6, 2007
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Third biggest city in Saskatchewan. Third highest crime rate in Canada. Basically one giant dump. The population is mostly natives and has a terrible reputation for any jobs. Many street walkers who like to sell fish and blueberries out of dollarama bags in the Wal-Mart parking lot. If you don’t know who Adam is, are you even from pa? The city has lots of beautiful graffiti around town, mostly on the west. If you see TS painted around on a tree, well welcome to pa. If you’re looking for needles and listerine bottles I suggest going down to the tracks.
Streetwalker: hey I’m from Prince Albert
Ally: omg for the last time I don’t have any spare change

Streetwalker: but it’s toonie Tuesday at kfc
by Sindy_but_switch_nandd December 7, 2018
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A Medusa on a penis. Most commonly on a chode to draw attention away from the fact that it's a freak of nature.
Girl: "Hey, wanna do it?"
Guy: "Sure. Let me take out my Prince Albert, first."
Girl: "Wtf, ew, is that a buttplug?"
Guy: "No, it's a Medusa on a penis!! Gosh, get with the program."
Girl: "Fine, you wanna be like that? No sexxy time tonight, betch!"
by Sam Chaves March 27, 2008
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